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Kinross encourages and fosters the development of umpires. Umpires are a fundamental part of Netball and help ensure that the game is fun, safe and fair for everyone. Umpiring helps develop interpersonal skills through communication and teamwork with your co-umpire, as well as personal skills such as resilience and leadership. 

We welcome both adults and juniors of the game and assist in their development by providing training and mentoring throughout their journey.  JNA runs the Green Shirt program in which Kinross participates in each year. This program allows new umpires the chance to umpire junior games during the  Spring season whilst being coached and mentored by experienced umpires for the duration of the season. 

Kinross provides umpires for all club teams ranging from Net Set GO teams to Opens. Payment will vary depending upon the experience of the umpire and the level of game being umpired. Kinross also has multiple umpires represent their club and association at state and regional association championships. 

If you would like more information on umpiring, then please contact our umpire coordinator on

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