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Kinross offers the opportunity for netball players of all ages and abilities to participate in teams. Our focus is on the love and enjoyment of the game that thrives within the environment and community we have created. We pride ourselves on inclusion and respect and encourage players to strive to be their best - both as a player and a person, on and off the court. This gives players a sense of belonging and purpose whilst feeling valued.

We have teams that range in age from 5 years old to opens (19 years old and above) and cater to athletes in these age groups. We aim to develop and progress players skills and abilities throughout the season and ensure that enjoyment and fun is still had along the way.


Athletes are encouraged to play in association championships as a representative of Joondalup Netball Association and are commended on their achievements when they are selected. These can include the Fuel To Go And Play Association Championships and Metro League Competition. Additionally, Netball WA also offer the Fever In Time program and State Team program where athletes are trialled and selected into the program. Players that have the desire to play at a higher level are encouraged to progress through the Netball WA athlete pathway.

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