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Kinross is built upon parent volunteers and a crucial role in our club, is that of a coach. Coaches have an important role in building the skills, techniques and the overall development of players. As a club, we endeavour to equip coaches with adequate knowledge and support by providing them with online courses whilst receiving guidance from our Coaching Coordinator. 

Training is held at HBF Arena on Thursday nights. Time slots will be discussed and allocated prior to the beginning of the Winter Season.


Nomination to be a coach will be available under the players registration on PlayHQ. Specific sections of the registration form will be available for parents/players to select if they wish to apply to be a coach.

For more documents please click here.


Managers are an integral part of our club and assist in the smooth running of their team and the club. As a team manager, you are your teams first point of contact and are there to help assist the coaching by completing other tasks. These include paying the umpire, emailing team members forms that need to be completed, updating players on any changes (such as training cancellations) and making a team roster for parents to complete scoring and timing duties. 

Communication is essential to ensure that club contacts, coaches, players and parents receive the necessary information. Prior to the season commencing, we will hold a meeting where we will go into further detail about your important role and provide you with all the required documents that are needed for the season. 

Nomination to be a manager will be available under the players registration on PlayHQ. Specific sections of the registration form will be available for parents to select if they wish to apply to be a manager.

For more documents please click here.


Kinross encourages and fosters the development of umpires. Umpires are a fundamental part of Netball and help ensure that the game is fun, safe and fair for everyone. Umpiring helps develop interpersonal skills such as communication and teamwork, as well as personal skills such as resilience and leadership. 

We welcome both adults and juniors of the game and assist in their development by providing training and mentoring throughout their journey. Umpire courses are available online through Netball WA. JNA runs the Green Shirt program in which Kinross participates in each year. This program allows new umpires the chance to umpire junior games during the  Spring season whilst being coached and mentored by experienced umpires for the duration of the season. 

Kinross provides umpires for all club teams ranging from Net Set GO teams to Opens. Payment will vary depending upon the experience of the umpire and the level of game being umpired. Kinross also has multiple umpires represent their club and association at state and regional association championships. 

If you would like more information on umpiring, then please contact our umpire coordinator. For relevant documents and links please click here.


Kinross offers the opportunity for netball players of all ages and abilities to participate in teams. Our focus is on the love and enjoyment of the game that thrives within the environment and community we have created. We pride ourselves on inclusion and respect and encourage players to strive to be their best - both as a player and a person, on and off the court. This gives players a sense of belonging and purpose whilst feeling valued.

We have teams that range in age from 5 years old to opens (19 years old and above) and cater to athletes in these age groups. We aim to develop and progress players skills and abilities throughout the season and ensure that enjoyment and fun is still had along the way.

For more information on athlete development and pathways please click here. 

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