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Kinross is built upon volunteers and a crucial role in our club, is that of a coach. Coaches have an important role in building the skills, techniques and the overall development of players. As a club, we endeavour to equip coaches with adequate knowledge and support by providing them with online courses whilst receiving guidance from our Coaching Coordinator. 

Training is held at HBF Arena on Thursday nights. Time slots will be discussed and allocated prior to the beginning of the Winter Season. 

If you are interested in Coaching or Apprentice Coaching at Kinross in 2024 please lodge an Expression of Interest with our Coaching Coordinator, Dani Gregory at  All Coaches are required to have a minimum Foundation Accreditation and WWC check.  KNC will assist you in all queries and reimbursements for obtaining these certifications.

Below are links that can be utilised to assist with training plans.

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